Dune (Movie)

Dune movie

War Games is not the only movie to inspire a classic computer strategy game. Dune was an epic Sci-Fi movie based on the planet Dune, which predominantly consists of sand dunes and almost no water to sustain life.

The planet is home to two families, House Atreides and House Harkonnen, who occupy the planet solely for the purpose of mining the valuable resource of spice melange.

The spice is valuable for space travel, but mining is constantly under attack from natural predators known as worms; giant creatures that swim underneath the sand. Later, scenes of war unfold between the two families as they battle to control the sole spice mining on the planet.

From the outset, Dune was a film that has many elements of real-time-strategy or war simulation. The idea of spice mining meant the film was very much about resource management and the importance of having a strong resource base; a valuable tactic in any RTS game.

Likewise, the film explored conflict between two houses or factions, which is another aspect of RTS games. The sides had differences and similarities that added further tactical elements, with various weapons and units being shown to interact very differently.

The faction aspect also played into the political themes of the RTS genre. This wasn’t just for gameplay, but it grounded the plot and storyline that many such games follow. It allowed for inter-conflict, as well as conflicts against other, outside races and enemies.

Similarly, the environment itself showed more tactical options, with the natural worms being an ever-present threat; especially to the spice mining which is a fundamental resource for everything else in the movie.

Combine all of this, and Dune showed a realistic, grounded approach to warfare, despite its science fiction setting. There were political aspects, unit and resource management and the over-all combination of all these effective elements combined together. This wasn’t about slow, turn-based retaliation; Dune was a film very much about real-time war and strategy in every regard.